7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working

Many marketers know that social media is a way to receive the results that you desire. However, more often than not internet markets become frustrated with social media because their marketing efforts are simply just not working. If you are someone who falls into this category you will definitely want to read our list of seven reasons why your social media marketing efforts are not working. We also will guide you as to what you can do differently as well.



Lacking Goals That Are Clear


If you are someone who is just sharing content with no goal in mind this is the reason as to why your marketing efforts are not paying off. Social media marketing is just like any other type of marketing – you must have an outcome that you are working towards. For example, are you trying to get more subscribers to your website or do you want more traffic to your website? Once you have a goal in place you then no what you are working towards. Without one it is obviously going to seem as though your marketing efforts are going to waste.



Unreal Expectations


Goals are something that is very important yet at the same time it is also important to make sure that the goals that you are aiming for are ones that are actually achievable. Social media marketing results is not something that is going to happen overnight. Instead it is one of the long term marketing strategies that internet marketers use. With that being said social media should not be the only marketing strategy that you are using.



You Are Not Connected To Your Audience


The best way to have a good social media marketing experience is to be able to connect with your audience. This means you should be fully aware of what they like, don’t like, and no a little bit about whom they are in general. Anyone can have thousands of followers and fans but the genuine ones are the ones that count the most.



You Do Not Put Enough Time into Your Blog


Your blog is what is considered to be the heart of social media marketing. The way you make social media work in your favor is by always having fresh content available on your blog so your readers will want to come back frequently to see what you have to share. At minimum you should be updating your blog twice a week and each time you add a new post it should be shared with each of your social media networks. When writing new content you should also make sure that it is not only relevant to your brand but also relevant to your audience as well.



You Are Not Consistent


As with anything else in life for you to be able to see results from social media marketing it is very important that you are consistent. However, at the same time you do not want to treat it as something that you have to do but hate doing because your audience is going to be able to sense that vibe. So, when interacting with your audience via social media on a daily basis find a way to make it fun. You will be happier and your audience will love your style.



You Do Not Engage With Your Audience


If you do not interact with your audience by responding to them they will go to someone who will. Not to mention the fact that you will see the results you want quicker if you mention members of your audience, share their content, and even recommend their services. Engaging with your social media audience is something that helps out a lot when it comes to reaching your desired goals.



You Have Not Built an Audience


Social media is more than sharing content and creating content. You are going to have to take some time to build your audience as well. If someone likes you or friends you be sure to return the favor this way they know that you are actually paying attention to them. Also, if you are using a site such as Facebook you can promote your ads so you can be sure that they are reaching a larger audience.

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  • November 29, 2012

    The greatest factor why social media marketing is a failure is because the brand doesn’t have a content that are worthy enough to be seen. A great content is a catalyst of engagement to your niche followers.

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