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So many job titles popping up all the time in the Internet world I thought I’d give a light-hearten twist on what the job title’s actual mean. This in no way should offend people and if it does I suggest you power off your computer for a few years and walk away. Last week a “non-industry” friend asked me what the heck an Inbound Marketing person does and this inspired this blog.

Link Builder = Anchor Text Insertion Specialists

Director of Inbound Marketing = Head Content Sales Funneler

Email Marketing Manager = Digital Envelop Licker

SEO Expert = Search Visibility Increaser

SEO = Organic Google Accelerator

SEO Specialist = Meta Tag Analyzer

Ecommerce Manager = Online Retail Manager

Content Production Manager = Link Building Writer

Content Marketer = Online Club Promoter

Link Building Campaign Manager = Excel Data Micro-manager

Social Media Manager = New Media Conversation Creator

Director of SEO = Head Organic Google Accelerator

PPC Account Manager = Paid Anchor Text Insertion Specialist

Marketing Data Analyst = Google Analyzer Guy

Web Designer = Pixel Arraignment Expert

Systems Administrator = Computer Janitor

Internet Marketer = Dub Dub Dub All the Above

The truth is in today’s online marketing world many marketers wear many hats. If you are an SEO today at the very least you consultant on social media and/or others aspects of online marketing.

If you would like to add to the list just leave a comment with the job title and new name. If it’s good we will update the list and include your suggestion.

6 Responses to “New Internet Marketing Job Titles”

  1. Hehe, I love this! Who knew that “Link Builder” and “PPC Account Manager” were just one word different eh!

    Also, I’m totally tagging an abbreviated version of my new Link Builder title at the end of my name (see above)!

  2. Stuart says:

    @ Steve that is hilarious people are going to be like “what?”


    Stuart McHenry, H.O.G.A.

  3. Simon says:

    Superb! I love this very much. I like Email Marketing Manager = Digital Envelop Licker the most. I will definitely share this with my friends.

  4. AnnaMack says:

    My job title isn’t on here so I’ll create my own:

    Director of Client Services = Head Interaction Agent

  5. CIO says:

    What about Database Marketing Analyst and Database Marketing Consultants

  6. I recently saw a job advert for ‘first point contact officer’ ended u being a job for a secratary at an IT firm!

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