Top Internet Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter & Google+

Hello, I’m Anna I’ve been with Mckremie for a little while now. One of my expanded roles is to head up our company twitter account here: @McKremie. When I first started I had questions like:

-Who are the best people in Internet Marketing both Social Media & SEO to follow?
-Where do I find a good list for both Twitter and Google+?

I have to say there are some out there but not quite what I was looking for. With the help of Stuart I put together a good collection and what I think is a great starting point for finding people to follow. Now don’t get butt-hurt if your name is not on the list. It’s not a definitive list and it’s not in any specific order. I did put together what I felt was a mix of online marketers. If you feel I missed some important names in the industry leave a comment and let me know.

Patrick Altoft
Twitter: @patrickaltoft
Google+: Patrick Altoft
Twitter Bio: Director of Search at Branded3 a leading SEO & digital agency in the UK.

Debra Mastaler
Twitter: @debramastaler
Google+: Debra Mastaler
Twitter Bio: Link building, online marketing, content promotion, publicity. Loves her garden, southern rock, NCIS, Doc Martin, the mountains, Virginia and being a Mom.

Matt Sawyer
Twitter: @mattuk
Google+: Matt Sawyer
Twitter Bio:London and Surrey based social media junkie. Part time blogger full time timewaster. Head of SEO and Digital Marketing at Datadial.

Kris Roadruck
Twitter: @KrisRoadruck
Google+: Kris Roadruck
Passionate SEO with an affinity for sushi and energy drinks. Enthusiastic Algo-Poking Scalable Link Building Strategist.

Matt McGee
Twitter: @mattmcgee
Google+: Matt McGee
Twitter Bio: Executive News Editor at &, speaker, marketing consultant, founder of, author of ‘U2: A Diary’, husband, dad.

Harris Schachter
Twitter: @OptimizePrime
Google+: Harris Schachter
Twitter Bio: Transform into findability. Or, you know, a truck. I do #SEO, #CRO, #analytics, and eat raw data for breakfast.

Stuart McHenry
Twitter: @smindsrt
Google+: Stuart McHenry
Twitter Bio: I do internet marketing via social media and search engine optimization for @mckremie that provides huge return on investments for peeps. Oh… I BBQ too!

Barry Schwartz
Twitter: @rustybrick
Google+: Barry Schwartz
Twitter Bio: Search Geek

Ruth Burr
Twitter: @ruthburr
Google+: Ruth Burr
Twitter Bio: SEO, data-driven marketer and grilled cheese sandwich enthusiast living in and loving Seattle.

Ben Cook
Twitter: @Skitzzo
Google+: Ben Cook
Twitter Bio: Rants… now with a smile.

Greg Boser
Twitter: @GregBoser
Google+: Greg Boser
Twitter Bio: President of BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.

Jason Acidre
Twitter: @jasonacidre
Google+: Jason Acidre
Twitter Bio: CEO at Xight Interactive. Author of Kaiserthesage – an SEO blog. Loves bacon, One Piece, crime movies, History and Glassjaw.

Michael Dorausch
Twitter: @chiropractic
Google+: Michael Dorausch
Twitter Bio: Yes, I’m a real Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). Also Planet Chiropractic guy, SEO Speaker, Distance Runner, Author and Photographer.

Alan Bleiweiss
Twitter: @AlanBleiweiss
Google+: Alan Bleiweiss
Twitter Bio: Forensic SEO Consultant, Blogger, Author, Speaker, and snarky rant specialist.

Arnie Kuenn
Twitter: @ArnieK
Google+: Arnie Kuenn
Twitter Bio: CEO of Vertical Measures a search, social & content marketing services company. Frequent speaker. Author of Accelerate! Hiking, travel, football, basketball.

Dr. Peter J. Meyers
Twitter: @dr_pete
Google+: Dr. Peter J. Meyers
Twitter Bio: I’m the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. I may not look like much, but I’ve got it where it counts, kid.

Elisabeth Osmeloski
Twitter: @elisabethos
Google+: Elisabeth Osmeloski
Twitter Bio: Exec Editor / President of – Utah’s Professional Search Marketing Association / Marketing Geek & Travel Writer.

Gerald Weber
Twitter: @the_gman
Google+: Gerald Weber
Twitter Bio: Professional SEO -Social Media Enthusiast -Link Builder – Entrepreneur – Blogger – Skydiver – Always a student!

Ian Lurie
Twitter: @portentint
Google+: Ian Lurie
Founder & CEO of Portent, Inc. Speaker. Internet Marketer.

Bill Sebald
Twitter: @billsebald
Goolge+: Bill Sebald
Twitter Bio: SEO for 13 years, from big brand ecomm to small brand B2B.

Jenny Stradling
Twitter: @dayofjen
Google+: Jenny Stradling
Twitter Bio: CEO: @EminentSEO. SEM Strategist, social media girl, blogger, music lover, soul searcher. Collects: books, pictures, quotes, music, art, dreams.

Joel Klettke
Twitter: @cstechjoel
Google+: Joel Klettke
Twitter Bio: SEO by day. Copywriter by night. Handsome during both. Occasionally modest. Will write for couch money.

Matt Siltala
Twitter: @Matt_Siltala
Google+: Matt Siltala
Twitter Bio: Founder of Dream Systems Media | @Dreamsystems specializes in Social Media, Viral Marketing, Branding & SEO | Regular Search Industry Speaker.

Joe Hall
Twitter: @joehall
Google+: Joe Hall
Twitter Bio: I am a web head, code poet, geek, marketer, writer, and artist. I run @22Media.

Dennis Goedegebuure
Twitter: @TheNextCorner
Google+: Dennis Goedegebuure
Twitter Bio: VP Internet Marketing Geeknet Inc. Working on a Startup concept! Addicted to Innovation, Blogging, Chocolate, Travel and The Interwebs.

Darren Shaw
Twitter: @EdmontonSEO
Google+: Darren Shaw
Twitter Bio: Founder of @whitespark. Interested in all things SEO.

Jennifer Sable Lopez
Twitter: @jennita
Google+: Jennifer Sable Lopez
Twitter Bio: Mom, SEO, geek, lover of nutella, buddhist wannabe. Community Manager at SEOmoz.

Michelle Robbins
Twitter: @MichelleRobbins
Google+: Michelle Robbins
Twitter Bio: Caffeine based life form. Vice President of Technology for Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Search Marketing Expo & Search Marketing Now @ Third Door Media.

Rhea Drysdale
Twitter: @Rhea
Google+: Rhea Drysdale
Twitter Bio: CEO of Outspoken Media. SEO, link dev and ORM specialties. Ginger kid. Based in Troy, NY. Florida native.

David Wallace
Twitter: @DavidWallace
Google+: David Wallace
Founder & CEO of SearchRank – a full service search & social media marketing firm providing Internet marketing services since 1997.

Julie Joyce
Twitter: @JulieJoyce
Google+: Julie Joyce
Twitter Bio: Owner of the link building company Link Fish Media, Inc. and co-founder of SEO Chicks.

Sean Si
Twitter: @h3sean
Google+: Sean Si
Twitter Bio: SEO. Internet Marketing. Ice Cream.

Joanna Butler
Twitter: @JoannaButler
Google+: Joanna Butler
Twitter Bio: Usually found optimising: SEO, analytics, code. Or on a horse / exploring in the countryside.

Sarah Carling
Twitter: @SarahCarling
Goolge+: Sarah Carling
Twitter Bio: Co-founder of ObsidianEdge, remembered everywhere as the ‘crazy ginger chick’ internet marketer, blogger, and ranter.

Eppie Vojt
Twitter: @eppievojt
Google+: Eppie Vojt
Twitter Bio: SEO, online marketer, web developer, brand enthusiast. Known to rock a mic when the mood is just right. Long-suffering Pitt fan.

Maile Ohye
Twitter: @maileohye
Goolge+: Maile Ohye
Twitter Bio: Having fun in the city, working at Google, optimizing for genuine moments.

Kelsey Libert
Twitter: @KelseyLibert
Google+: Kelsey Libert
Twitter Bio: Blogger Outreach Specialist @BlueGlass. COO at and a diverse online media enterprise. Entrepreneur seeking to broaden my knowledge, and yours.

Akvile Harlow
Twitter: @AkvileHarlow
Google+: Akvile Harlow
Twitter Bio: Internet Marketing & Ad Operations Manager @SMX @sengineland @MarketingLand|Wife|Music Aficionado|Sauce Fiend|Painter|Snowboarder|Wanderluster|

Jon Cooper
Twitter: @PointBlankSEO
Google+: Jon Cooper
Twitter Bio: I’m the link builder Google needs, not the one it deserves.

Rob Woods
Twitter: @robdwoods
Google+: Rob Woods
Twitter Bio: Marketing Manager / SEO for Reinvent and SEO Consultant. Camping, fly fishing, BBQ, beer, wine, food, old cars and my kids. While you’re ranting I’m ranking.

Greg Finn
Twitter: @gregfinn
Google+: Greg Finn
Twitter Bio: Remind people that profit is the difference between revenue and expense. This makes you look smart. -Scott Adams.

Sadie Sherran
Twitter: @seobelle
Google+: Sadie Sherran
According to 4 out of 7 doctors I most certainly am not Crazy! My views are my own no one else would take them.

Wil Reynolds
Twitter: @wilreynolds
Goolge+: Wil Reynolds
Twitter Bio: Founder @SEERInteractive LOVE helping clients grow their biz LOVE building links LOVE helping others in the community LOVE my team LOVE my wife & dog

Bill Slawski
Twitter: @bill_slawski
Google+: Bill Slawski
Twitter Bio: Passionate about search, patents, the environment, music, and life.

Andy Beal
Twitter: @AndyBeal
Google+: Andy Beal
Twitter Bio: CEO of Trackur, author of Radically Transparent & founder of Marketing Pilgrim. Award-winning photographer, black belt in Taekwondo, ukulele player, Christian.

Todd Friesen
Twitter: @oilman
Google+: Todd Friesen
Twitter Bio: Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.

Mike King
Twitter: @iPullRank
Google+: Mike King
Twitter Bio: Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire (Former SEO at Razorfish and Publicis Modem) Making Your Website Money Since 2006

Mike Blumenthal
Twitter: @mblumenthal
Google+: Mike Blumenthal
Google Maps and Local Search…is there anything else?

Rand Fishkin
Twitter @randfish
Google+: Rand Fishkin
Twitter Bio: CEO + founder of SEOmoz. I tweet 50-75X/week primarily on inbound marketing, SEO, startups & entrepreneurship.

Ash Buckles
Twitter: @ashbuckles
Google: Ash Buckles
Twitter Bio: President of Likes: Android, Art, Blogging, Mobile, SEO, Travel, Web Design and Development Co-host #seochat on Twitter Thursday 7 pm Mountain.

Steve Wiideman
Twitter: @seosteve
Google+: Steve Wiideman
Twitter Bio: SEO Search Engine Optimization Expert savvy with Universal Search and internet marketing.

Kevin Mullett
Twitter: @kmullett
Google+: Kevin Mullett
Twitter Bio: geek, designer, web dev, UX/UI, marketing, seo/sem, public speaker, smo, social media bla bla, lan party nut, photographer, observer of all things web.

Joanna Lord
Twitter: @JoannaLord
Google+: Joanna Lord
Twitter Bio: Director of Acquisition & Retention Marketing at SEOmoz, social media lover and blog enthusiast. Sleeps rarely. Caffeinates often.

Brent Csutoras
Twitter: @brentcsutoras
Google+: Brent Csutoras
Twitter Bio: Social Media Consultant.

Virginia Nussey
Twitter: @VirginiaNussey
Google+: Virginia Nussey
Twitter Bio: Pro writer, novice yogini, budding lion turtle. Peanut butter + chocolate is my kryptonite.

David Mihm
Twitter: @davidmihm
Goolge: David Mihm
Local search optimization specialist & president of

Frank Watson
Twitter: @AussieWebmaster
Google+: Frank Watson
Twitter Bio: CEO Kangamurra Media, SEW Forum editor, columnist, all things web follower.

Melissa Fach
Twitter: @SEOAware
Google+: Melissa Fach
Twitter Bio: Melissa Fach, Managing Editor at SEJ, owner of – SEO, Consultant, Website Dev – Wife to @Paulfach, Mom, Big Cat Volunteer, Non-Cook, Star Wars fan.

Lane R. Ellis
Twitter: @lanerellis
Google+: Lane R. Ellis
Twitter Bio: I am a technology writer, lead editor for PubCon/WebmasterWorld, a genealogist, runner, vegetarian, and folk music fan. I’ve been online 28 years, since 1984.

Shelli Walsh
Twitter: @shellshockuk
Google+: Shelli Walsh
Twitter Bio: Creative content for link building. A little bit geek. A lot design snob.

Nicki Hicks
Twitter: @nickihicks
Google+: Nicki Hicks
Twitter Bio: Web marketing geek, puppy momma, cheerleading coach, pescetarian, wine lover, pseudo artist, wannabe nutritionist, yogini, runner, eternal optimist.

Dan Thies
Twitter: @danthies
Google+: Dan Thies
Twitter Bio: White Hat Black Belt.

Colby Almond
Twitter: @colbyalmond
Google+: Colby Almond
Twitter Bio: SEO, Viral, & Infographic Marketing Expert for 97th Floor. Author of Pinteresting Secrets.

Ross Hudgens
Twitter: @RossHudgens
Google+: Ross Hudgens
Twitter Bio: SEO Manager @ Full Beaker, Inc – Lead Generation & Management. Scalable Link Building Strategist.

Danny Sullivan
Twitter: @dannysullivan
Google+: Danny Sullivan
Twitter Bio: Editor of, covering Google, SEO, PPC and all aspects of search engines and search marketing.

David Leonhardt
Twitter: @amabaie
Google+: David Leonhardt
Twitter Bio: Thinking outside the box for success online – SEO, viral, writing…and a little bit of happiness for good measure.

Justin Briggs
Twitter: @justinrbriggs
Google+: Justin Briggs
Twitter Bio: SEO & Social Media at Big Fish Games. – SEO. Movie buff. Geek. Zombie lover.

Donna Fontenot
Twitter: @DonnaFontenot
Google+: Donna Fontenot
Twitter Bio: eBusiness Coach, Inbound Marketing Geek & Novelist whose motto is: You’ll never shine if you don’t glow. Peace, y’all.

Eric Enge
Twitter: @stonetemple
Google+: Eric Enge
Twitter Bio: Holistic Internet Marketing Optimization Practitioner.

Ann Smarty
Twitter: @seosmarty
Google+: Ann Smarty
Twitter Bio: (Guest) Blogging addict and excited owner of

Jim Boykin
Twitter: @jimboykin
Google+: Jim Boykin
Twitter Bio: CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Brett Tabke
Twitter: @btabke
Google+: Brett Tabke
Twitter Bio: Founder @PubCon and @WebmasterWorld Inc. – passions: Community building, Conferences, Affiliate, Speaker, Author, Coder, ML programmer.

Michael Gray
Twitter: @graywolf
Google+: Michael Gray
Twitter Bio: Sometimes I feel like a bot, sometimes I don’t .

Marty Weintraub
Twitter: @aimclear
Google+: Marty Weintraub
Twitter Bio: Author, Speaker, World Traveler, Loves Sonoma, Napa, Oregon, NoCal, Nantucket, BWCA & My Awesome Family.

Hugo Guzman
Twitter: @hugoguzman
Google+: Hugo Guzman
Twitter Bio: Like my tweets? You’ll like my blog even better.

Jenny Lynn
Twitter: @JennyLynnSEM
Google+: Jenny Lynn
Twitter Bio: SEM Specialist for a Global, Natural Health Corporation. With interests in Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management & SEO.

Chris Bennett
Twitter: @chrisbennett
Google+: Chris Bennett
Twitter Bio: CEO/Founder of 97th Floor a SEO/Social Media Firm. Link Building & Viral Marketing is what we do. Family man that loves to surf, snowboard and travel.

Matt Cutts
Twitter: @mattcutts
Google+: Matt Cutts
Twitter Bio: I’m the head of the webspam team at Google.

Jill Whalen
Twitter: @jillwhalen
Google+: Jill Whalen
Twitter Bio: CEO, High Rankings – a pioneer in SEO Consulting.

Chris Winfield
Twitter: @chriswinfield
Google+: Chris Winfield
Twitter Bio: I’m the Co-Founder & CMO of @BlueGlass, an amazing Internet marketing company. I talk a lot about PR, my daughter, business, social media & Charlie.

Chris Countey
Twitter: @chriscountey
Google+: Chris Countey
Twitter Bio: Director of SEO for @Webimax. Obsessed with page speed, architecture, data and learning.

Brian Clark
Twitter: @copyblogger
Google+: Brian Clark
Twitter Bio: Content marketing, online publishing, and copywriting advice from the editorial team at Copyblogger Media.

Dan Shure
Twitter: @dan_shure
Google+: Dan Shure
Twitter Bio: There’s THREE things I love. Music, my wife and SEO. That’s the order I discovered them.

Todd Malicoat
Twitter: @stuntdubl
Google+: Todd Malicoat
Twitter Bio: Student, Teacher, SEO Consultant, Domainer, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Fisherman.

Aaron Wall
Twitter: @seobook
Google+: Aaron Wall
Twitter Bio: We cover the SEO and search marketing space as well as general changes to the web.

James Agate
Twitter: @jamesagate
Google+: James Agate
Twitter Bio: Skyrocket SEO founder. We provide content-led link building services to agencies and businesses.

Peter Attia
Twitter: @PeterAttia
Google+: Peter Attia
Twitter Bio: I like Banjos and SEO.

Neil Patel
Twitter: @neilpatel
Google+: Neil Patel
Twitter Bio: I’m Kind of a Big Deal.

Eric Ward
Twitter: @ericward
Google+: Eric Ward
Twitter Bio: Eric Ward Offers Content Linking Strategies and is the publisher of LinkMoses

Dave Naylor
Twitter: @DaveNaylor
Google+: Dave Naylor
Head of Search Marketing – – Speak at lots of conferences on SEO. Bronco is a leading SEO, Web Dev & Design Agency.

CK Chung
Twitter: @cKdisco
Google+: CK Chung
Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur & SEO Consultant @WEBOSIS. SoCal xplant via Chicago. Serial hobbyist: sports, music, photography, learning. Primalist: paleo, IF, barefoot running.

Stephan Spencer
Twitter: @sspencer
Google+: Stephan Spencer
Twitter Bio: World Renowned SEO Author, Speaker & Strategist ~ Co-Author of The Art of SEO, a 600 Page Primer on Search Engine Optimization published by O’Reilly.

Kim Krause Berg
Twitter: @kim_cre8pc
Google+: Kim Krause Berg
Twitter Bio: Usability/UX/SEO/IA Consultant; Founder of Cre8asiteforums; Usability/IA tutor Search Engine College; columnist,speaker, mom.

Ralph Tegtmeier
Twitter: @fantomaster
Google+: Ralph Tegtmeier
Twitter Bio: Dominating search engines since 1996. SEO consulting, services & software development. Link building. Automatic content generation.

Lauren Litwinka
Twitter: @beebowLauren
Google+: Lauren Litwinka
Twitter Bio: Publications Manager & Online Account Manager @ aimClear. Likes: good music, good movies, good wine, gummy worms.

Lisa Myers
Twitter: @LisaDMyers
Google+: Lisa Myers
Twitter Bio: CEO at SEO & Social Media Agency; Verve Search. Founder of the blog & co-founder of

John Andrews
Twitter: @johnandrews
Google+: John Andrews
Twitter Bio: Seattle SEO, since the beginning.

Alex Bennert
Twitter: @seosylph
Google+: Alex Bennert
Twitter Bio: I live in Maine and work in Manhattan. I do SEO and love my job! Married to a man called Huckleberry (seriously). We travel to warm places with our kiddo.

Dharmesh Shah
Twitter: @dharmesh
Google+: Dharmesh Shah
Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot inbound marketing and startup blogger at

Monica Wright
Twitter: @monicawright
Google+: Monica Wright
Twitter Bio: Community Editor @sengineland & @marketingland, painting, music & KARA-TAY!

AJ Kohn
Twitter: @ajkohn
Google+: AJ Kohn
Twitter Bio: Owner, Blind Five Year Old, Marketing Land Curator, SEOmoz Search Ranking Panelist. Interested in SEO, PPC, Technology, Social Media, UX and Design.

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  • June 18, 2012

    Thanks for the mention!

  • June 18, 2012

    Great list here! There were only a few I haven’t followed yet but I’ve been researching people to follow in the SEO industry for over a year now.

    Every one of these people really do offer and share amazing SEO advice. I definitely recommend reaching out to them with questions and reading what they share.

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    June 18, 2012


    Thank you for including me in this amazing list!

  • June 18, 2012

    @Casey Camilleri – I’m glad you like the list. :)

  • June 18, 2012

    @Alan Bleiweiss – You Sir are very welcome!

  • June 19, 2012

    Thanks for the list. You should soncider making a circle and share it on Google+ :)

  • June 19, 2012

    @Thomas Schulz – Awesome idea Thomas! I think I will do that in a few days.

  • June 19, 2012

    Wow, never thought I would make any list before the end of the year. Thank you for the inclusion! I can truly say I’m in great company, the list is full with 100 great marketeers, and one crazy Dutch!


  • June 19, 2012

    It will be great experience to follow all these people. I really improved what I was thinking about SEO after adding some of my SEO heroes from above.

  • June 19, 2012

    Great list. Having them in one circle and a Twitter list would be great.

  • June 19, 2012

    Someone should invent a ‘follow all’ button for this type of list.

  • June 19, 2012

    Wow, huge list! Thank you for the inclusion and excited to see who I need to be following if I’m not already.

  • June 19, 2012

    Thanks for including me! Great list and Great People!

  • June 19, 2012

    Solid list Anna! Honored to be listed here with some of the most respected people in the industry.

  • June 19, 2012

    @DennisG – Oh Dennis you are too modest! You totally deserve to be on the list.

  • June 19, 2012

    @Jason Acidre – Thanks Jason! We enjoy your blog.

  • June 19, 2012

    @Jenny Lynn – Anytime! I’m glad Stuart was able to get in touch with of you. I couldn’t find your G+.

  • June 20, 2012

    Hey Anna!
    Thank you so much for having me in your list! It’s a privilege!

  • June 20, 2012

    I made the list? Shocked! I am honoured to be included in this group. Thank you Anna.

  • June 20, 2012

    Great blog and truly enjoyed all of the information. It was truly informative and will provide a great value to all of our efforts! Great job!

  • June 22, 2012

    Great list of amazing people!

    Thanks for bringing industry people to my attention that I hadn’t heard of!

  • July 18, 2012

    great post! wonderful.

  • July 25, 2012

    Excellent list – there’s a few more on my own list of great tweeters that you haven’t got: Might be useful if you have any interest in PPC – there’s a few paid search specialists on the list that I can’t say enough good things about!

  • Harris SchachterLeave a Reply
    August 21, 2012

    Wow. Thanks for compiling this list, and thank you even more for including me with these awesome people!

  • November 12, 2012

    Thanks for listing these people. Great resource. Now to follow them all! :)

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