7 Tips for SEO in the Finance Services Industry

9 Jun 2018 By Stuart McHenry
Tips for Financial SEO After our 12 Years in the Industry Beating out the millions of websites that are your direct competitors can be difficult. Without understanding search engine optimization (SEO), it is virtually impossible. A business owner offering products and services in the finance industry must know how their website can rank highly in […]
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Best Reputation Management Strategy for Yelp

3 Jun 2018 By Anna McHenry
How to Ensure You Get Great Yelp Reviews   When your reputation has been badly affected on Yelp or any other online review website, you need to employ a reputation management strategy that will be effective. Reputation management can provide damage control and reduce how noticeable these negative reviews are. Your reputation will be preserved […]
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Why is SEO Important for Business?

31 May 2018 By Stuart McHenry
Reduce Marketing Costs Plain and simple SEO reduces the cost per lead and cost per acquisition. SEO like any form of marketing, if done right, can have a huge impact on your bottom line. In today’s day and age, most businesses are struggling just to get by. No matter what time of business you run […]
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How to Promote Your Business Using Facebook Live

20 Dec 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Social media is constantly evolving allowing businesses to use it to their advantage. One of the most useful and most current ways is with Facebook Live. This feature allows you to record yourself or your business activities and post them live. Of course, this involves a little bit of risk since you cannot go back […]
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Will Your Domain Name Have an Impact on SEO?

12 Nov 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Search engine optimization is a heatedly debated topic with radically different approaches for the best way for your website to rank in the top of search engine results. On top of this, Google evolves its ranking algorithm at a rapid pace to the point where the right approach at any given time can be quite confusing. […]
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Preparing for Google’s Crackdown on Mobile Pop Up Ads

12 Oct 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Google’s algorithm constantly changes, so it should not be a surprise that yet again, developers are in for some big changes. This time, it has to do with mobile web pages and pop-up ads. Google will penalize any websites that have pop-up ads on their mobile website because it interferes with the user’s experience. Readers […]
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The Important Role Social Media Plays in Content Ranking

7 Sep 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Social media plays a unique role in your content ranking; without a social media presence, your company basically does not exist, but even with it, if you do not do it right, your content ranking will not be influenced. So what exactly is the role that this method of advertising plays? Let’s take a closer […]
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5 Free Ways to Generate More Traffic to Your Blog

2 Aug 2016 By Stuart McHenry
In a perfect world, your blog posts would go viral within hours of publishing it, but in reality, this does not happen. In fact, if you do not properly market it, your blog post could go completely unread. There are millions of blogs out there vying for the attention of the same target markets, so […]
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