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Where can you get a Free Domain Name?

18 Sep 2009 By Stuart
McKremie Web Hosting is now offering a free domain name with the purchase of any of our 12-month or 24-month web hosting plans. This is not a limited time offer; this will be part of our standard options going forward. The free domain name applies to the following extensions: .com .net .org .info Most of […]
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The History of How Web Hosting Came to Be

11 Sep 2009 By Ryan
The World Wide Web is just one of the services that utilize the internet. Electronic mail, ftp, and gopher were some of the earlier applications that were used over the internet but never gained massive appeal. It was the Web that created the surge of users online, from a low of 26 web servers in […]
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What is Grid Hosting? Is it Better Than Shared Web Hosting?

31 Aug 2009 By Ryan
Bloggers are looking for the best value web hosting available.  For a long time, shared web hosting was the only option available for individuals looking for a cost-effective way to have an online presence.  Shared web hosting is possible because one server box is able to host hundreds of different web sites.  The cost of […]
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Most Deceptive Ways Web Hosting Companies Rip You Off

Many web hosting companies have hidden secrets that they don’t want you to know. These secrets are marketing gimmicks and in some cases very deceptive ways to get your money. Be careful as these secrets can end up costing you lots of money.  To help prevent that we have uncovered and shown you what to […]
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20% Off Spring Break Special

We just started our 20% Off Spring Break Special.  This promotion will run for a few weeks only and can save you big bucks!Just use the coupon code below and save 20% Off your initial order of our web hosting services. Coupon Code: SPRING Tip: The coupon code is good off of the initial order […]
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Average Email Response Time – Web Hosting Services

25 Feb 2009 By Stuart
We (McKremie) just conducted an audit of our support tickets to give our potential customers an idea of how our response times are.  We went through the support tickets for January and February to see how fast or slow our team has been responding to tickets.  It took a little time but we went through the data and were quite pleased. […]
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Twitter @McKremie

We have been on Twitter for a little while now and wanted to let our blog readers know how to find us. @McKremie – Official Twitter Account for McKremie Web Hosting. Twitter is an amazing social network that has been gaining huge popularity over the past few years.  I personally check and tweet a few […]
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Everything you need to know about a Kizzog!

7 Jan 2009 By Stuart
For the past few years now I have kept a blog for my daughter.  It chronicles the important events in her life and servers as the ultimate online scrapbook.  One day when she’s older and looks back upon her blog hopefully she will be able to relive the past memories. So a few months back […]
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