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How to Recover Your Website After It Has Been Hacked

31 May 2016 By Stuart
If you’ve been recently hacked, then it’s crucial that you don’t panic. It is not the end of the world, but you will have to put some time into removing the implications of the attack and take measures to prevent your website from ever getting hacked again. We’ve put together a guide to not only […]
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6 Tips for Creating a Successful Pay Per Click Campaign

26 Apr 2016 By Stuart
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way to get traffic onto your website affordably and quickly. However, many people make major mistakes that leave their PPC campaign in ruins. PPC works through such programs as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords in which you specify how much you’re willing to pay in exchange for a visitor […]
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Top 5 Tips for Google Penalty Recovery (mistakes to avoid)

27 Jan 2014 By Anna
I’m posting this post for Stuart McHenry (my boss) who runs McKremie and provides Google penalty recovery service.  He enjoys helping companies recover from their penalties and wants to pass a few tips along. 1. Be Careful Who You Hire Most penalty removal companies don’t really care if they remove a good link or a […]
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7 Tips to Get More Social Shares

12 Sep 2013 By Stuart
Having excellent content on your blogs and catchy phrases on your social media sites are what keep your customers coming back for more. However, it’s all meaningless if the content isn’t being seen by anyone. Driving traffic to your sites will be a lot of work but well worth the effort. Here are 7 tips […]
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How to Create a Content Marketing Calendar

29 May 2013 By Anna
Any business that wants to capitalize on the potential returns from content marketing should have a content marketing calendar. This is an overarching calendar, or schedule, of all forms of content marketing performed within an organization. Ideally, this schedule should be broken down into each component of content marketing that is used and then also […]
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Signs Your Content is Actually Regurgitated Crap

19 Mar 2013 By Stuart
Be honest—of all the content that’s out there on the web, how much of it do you really think is great, original content? Less than 50%? Less than 25%? Maybe even just 10%? The truth is that the web is polluted with, to be perfectly blunt, crap. There are millions of articles and blog posts […]
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Top Tips for Writing a Sales Copy That Converts

24 Jan 2013 By Anna
As any online business owner knows – copywriting is the lifeblood of any successful business, website, or product. It is the force that drives your return on investment, and ultimately makes, or breaks, your success. While there are some tried and true methods that can be employed to appeal to potential clients and casual readers […]
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7 Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

18 Dec 2012 By Anna
Although conversion rates determine the financial success of almost any commercial website, many webmasters are absolutely clueless about how to increase their conversion rate, and many others even ignore what is all this about, particularly for owners of small websites that, without begin a formal business, want to make some money from their online content. […]
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