We NEGU Do You?

22 Jan 2013 By Stuart
Last Thursday morning my team, two of our daughters, and I (minus a sick Shannele) spent the morning volunteering at the Jessie Rees Foundation creating “Joy Jars” for pediatric cancer patients. Fact: Everyday, 46 school children will be diagnosed with cancer. What’s a Joy Jar? Maybe some of you have heard the saying NEGU. It’s […]
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McKremie Volunteer Paid Time Off Policy (VPTO)

21 Nov 2012 By Stuart
In an effort to encourage our employees to give back to the communities we live in, and to support charitable organization, I’m announcing our new Volunteer Paid Time Off Policy. We are a small growing company but feel it’s important to give back. McKremie will pay all full-time employees up to 40 hours per year […]
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McKremie Marketing Direction

23 Apr 2012 By Stuart
Sometimes you don’t get to choose the direction a business takes, sometimes the business chooses for you.  In 2004 we started a search optimization firm to help businesses make a presence online.  These weren’t the early, early days of SEO but it was fairly early on in what seems like decades ago.  Back then […]
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Where can you get a Free Domain Name?

18 Sep 2009 By Stuart
McKremie Web Hosting is now offering a free domain name with the purchase of any of our 12-month or 24-month web hosting plans. This is not a limited time offer; this will be part of our standard options going forward. The free domain name applies to the following extensions: .com .net .org .info Most of […]
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7 FireFox Add-ons That We Use

27 May 2009 By Ryan
I know everyone in their mother has a list of good FireFox add-ons but I would like to share the top 7 FireFox Add-ons that we use here at  We deal with DNS issues, mutliple websites, and other issues and these add-ons really save us tons of time.  We all have our favorites and […]
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50 Reasons Your Child Should Have A Blog

8 Apr 2009 By Stuart
In the modern digital age there is no more valuable method of self-expression than the Blog. The Internet has become the source of informational revolution, a place where ideas and dreams collide, forming a unique opportunity to expose the truth of who we as humans are to each other. A completely new and unique idea, […]
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20% Off Spring Break Special

We just started our 20% Off Spring Break Special.  This promotion will run for a few weeks only and can save you big bucks!Just use the coupon code below and save 20% Off your initial order of our web hosting services. Coupon Code: SPRING Tip: The coupon code is good off of the initial order […]
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Average Email Response Time – Web Hosting Services

25 Feb 2009 By Stuart
We (McKremie) just conducted an audit of our support tickets to give our potential customers an idea of how our response times are.  We went through the support tickets for January and February to see how fast or slow our team has been responding to tickets.  It took a little time but we went through the data and were quite pleased. […]
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