How to Tell if Your SEO Company Sucks

by Anna McHenry April 21, 2013

Search engine optimization is certainly a tough industry for your average business owner to understand. All of the complicated lingo regarding keyword density, backlinks and citations can make the owner of a small business’ head spin. For this reason, many of them leave the technical mumbo jumbo to the SEO Company, and simply look at the results that they are able to produce. While this might be a good start toward properly evaluating your search engine optimization company, there are other considerations that must be made as well when attempting to determine whether or not your current SEO Company is doing a good job of optimizing your website. Take the following into consideration when evaluating your SEO Company to gain a deeper understanding of how they operate and what the long term effects could potentially be;


Ask To See the Backlinks


For now (although some would say that they believe that Google is heading toward a more content-heavy evaluation of websites), backlinks are the bread and butter of any search engine optimization campaign. The types of backlinks that you build will not only have the ability to greatly improve your rankings, but also could damage your website in the long term if your SEO Company is building low quality backlinks. Make sure that all of the backlinks that they provide are surrounded by high quality content that is relevant to your website’s niche. By evaluating the backlinks in depth, you can get a better idea of whether or not they are doing a stand up job of representing your company.




Another important aspect of search engine optimization is your ability to stay informed. You have to make sure that you choose a search engine optimization company that is going to stay in constant communication with you and provide you with a wide range of different reports for the work that they have done. Communication refers not only to them contacting you on a regular basis, but also provides you with in depth reports that you can comb through to evaluate the work. Communication is going to be a key aspect in determining whether or not your current search engine optimization company is doing a good job for you.




Last, but certainly not least, is the results that the company is able to provide. If you have been with a search engine optimization company for more than a few months and they have not been able to produce positive movement in your rankings or drive additional traffic to your website, you have to ask yourself what you are hiring them for. The best factor for evaluating any SEO company is whether or not they are going to be able to improve upon your bottom line. You should see positive movement in terms of revenue and overall traffic. Although you do not want to jump the gun and expect results right out of the gate as SEO can take a few months to really show results, so you want to give any company an ample amount of time to prove to you that they can handle your optimization efforts and deliver results.

Anna McHenry
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