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We have accounts in several countries and throughout the United States. Nothing makes us happier than when we get to help out our local businesses with their local search engine optimization needs. Companies looking for Local SEO Orange County Services often find us much easier to work with than most of our competitors.
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How do we increase your local SEO presence?

1. On-Page

We first take a look at your on-page factors to see if your content matches your rankings. You’d be surprised how many companies want to rank for local search terms but have little to no content to match. In some cases we may create or have you create new pages to help with our efforts.

2. Local Citations

Citations are mentions of your company on the web. Most common citation that Google uses in their local SEO algorithm is your address. It’s important that your address is correct and not just on your website. The address needs to be correct on as many citations as possible. (yes, all is the goal)

3. Google+ Local Pages

The Google+ Local pages are the old Google Places. What’s important to note is the new Google+ Local Pages show up in Google Maps, Google Search and Google Mobile. Recently Google started using the Zagat Rating system for all Google+ Local Pages. Not just for restaurants as Zagat is known for but for all businesses. What is important is the businesses with reviews seem to always rank better than businesses with no reviews. We can work on a strategy to help foster reviews from your customers.

4. Social Media

Social media is becoming more of an important ranking factor every day. We can show you how to implement social media into your company culture or handle your social media marketing for you.

5. Local SEO Link Building

Like it or not links are still one of the most powerful ranking factors. We build lots of links here at McKremie. We also build some of the best quality links. Our links are very effective and will help increase the traffic to your website.

What Makes Us Different?

1. No Sales Pitch

We simple tell you what we can do for you and how long we estimate it to take. You will not get harassing phone calls or email from us. Not only are we too busy to cold-call companies or to get you on the phone but it’s not our style.

We have grown our business by providing excellent service and a great ROI for our current clients. Sure, we have some decent rankings for our own website but 68% of our new business comes from referrals. Can the other local SEO firms say that?

2. We Deliver Results

We have the experience and knowledge to increase your target traffic to your website. We are very active in the SEO community and stay up-to-date on the latest search engine news and information.

3. Communication

We answer calls and return emails within 24 hours. We clearly outline what we will do for you. Included in our monthly reports you will get an actual detailed report of the services we provided over the last month. Some of our local competitors hide their lack of actual work behind fluffy reports that rarely reflect the actual work they are providing.

4. Honesty

You might always like what we have to say but we don’t sugar coat things. If your website has issues we are upfront and tell you. If your content is crap we have no problem letting you know. Why? Well, because in this day and age in Google you cannot rank with sub-par content.

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