Instructional Graph: 7 Ways to Market Your Fashion Website

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7 Ways to Market Your Fashion Blog

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Step 1: Be Active on Social Media

Be social and be everywhere! Make sure at the very least you are active on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. These are the social networks fashion bloggers live by.

Step 2: Build Relationships with Bloggers

Interact with bloggers via Twitter, blog comments, Facebook and anywhere else fashion bloggers hangout. Building relationships is a great way to get popular. Once you build that relationship use cross promotional techniques to help grow each others blog or business.

Step 3: Be Different Think Different

People post the same old boring content all the time. Stand out and be different! It’s OK to be different and go against mainstream thinking. Before you write your next blog post ask yourself is this something that’s been done 100 times before? If so abandon ship and come up with a new idea or topic.

Step 4: Submit to a Few of the Top Web Directories

Online directories still help with search engine optimization. A few of the older better ones that have quality shopping categories are:

Step 5: Hire a Search Engine Optimization Firm

Organic search engine traffic is the holy grail of online marketing. Hiring a search engine optimization company is a great way to grow traffic and sales. This is especially true if you run an eCommerce website but works well for fashion bloggers as well. – Search Engine Optimization

Step 6: Guest Post

Guest posting on other blogs opens you or your business up to more exposure with someone else established audience. If you can get a guest post on a popular blog you can easily pick up a few hundred followers to both your blog and Twitter within a week. There are also other benefits to guest blogging that can help increase search engine traffic.

Step 7: Ask Readers to Share Content

Encourage your readers to share your content whether it’s a fashion blog or an eCommerce website. Use social media buttons to help with this. People are more likely to share your content if it’s easy to do so. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your readers for a ReTweet or even a mention on their own blog. You’ll be surprised how many will actually do so and want nothing in return.

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    The ideas you shared is important for me because it can help me in my business website.I will apply those and I think social media can generate traffic to my site.

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