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Sometimes you don’t get to choose the direction a business takes, sometimes the business chooses for you.  In 2004 we started a search optimization firm to help businesses make a presence online.  These weren’t the early, early days of SEO but it was fairly early on in what seems like decades ago.  Back then Google would “dance” once a month, which meant the search engine rankings were changing.  Generally these rankings would stay in effective until the next month, until Google danced again.  In search engine years this was a lifetime ago.

The first month in business we quickly picked up four clients.  We didn’t rank on the first page of Google and we weren’t buying any Adwords.  All our clients found us through word-of-month referrals.  In 2004 the SEO world was still very small and the average website owner had no idea there was a thing called search engine optimization, let alone how to do it.  Those first few months I was able to bring aboard two new members to the team.  They balanced their time between client work and our own projects.  A few years later we stopped taking on new clients.  Our own projects were keeping us crazy busy and we knew we couldn’t grow those business and keep adding clients.

A few years after this we decided that we would keep our current clients but expand and re-brand into a new direction.  That’s when we sold the domain (not the clients) to Jim Westergren who was looking for a way to grow his US customer base.  At that time SEO-Fusion was getting some decent traffic for people looking for SEO services and it wasn’t doing us any good.  A few years later Epiphany Solutions Ltd. acquired

During this time we sold off a few of our more profitable and time intensive projects.   In 2008 we re-branded and focused on web hosting under the domain McKremie.  During the next few years one of the most popular request we got were from our clients asking us to market their website.  We did expand our services for a few clients but we wanted to just focus on growing our hosting business.

So back to the… “Sometimes you don’t get to choose the direction a business takes, sometimes the business chooses for you” sentence.  In 2011 we clearly saw the writing on the wall.  We were getting more request for marketing services then new hosting clients.  We made the decision to find a buyer for our clients.  We didn’t want to get out of the hosting business but we are clearly meant to focus on marketing.  We had several offers from hosting companies to purchase our clients but we wanted to ensure quality and similar services so our clients would feel at home. We found Hosting Lizard which has been in business for 14 years and knew they would take great care of our former hosting clients.

The business chose for us and we re-branded McKremie into an online marketing firm focusing on search engine optimization and social media marketing.  We have always had SEO services but now it is much more streamlined and we don’t have to worry about web servers going down, just rankings.

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  • April 25, 2012

    This was interesting to read. My business has mostly been around SEO but have in recent years almost fully changed to my own project

    • May 3, 2012

      Yeah, Jim it looks like you have been busy. 🙂

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