How to Effectively Implement Intent Research in Your SEO Strategy

22 Feb 2019 By Aljaz Fajmut
  We all love keywords. Google loves ‘em, your customers love ‘em. You love them.   But the way keywords work has changed. As well as optimizing your content with the right keywords, you now need to understand the user intent behind the keywords your customers are using.   In this article, we’re going to […]
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Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate Any Niche

30 Jan 2019 By Derek Luise
Content marketing is a multi-layered strategy that requires a lot of skill and planning. Until a few years ago, it was enough to create 500-word articles with relevant keywords to get a decent amount of traffic. Unfortunately, that no longer works and can even land your website in trouble. Google is very serious about content […]
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13 Critical Tips – Local SEO for Multiple Locations

22 Jan 2019 By Stuart McHenry
If you’re a business owner, or own multiple franchise locations, or work in the marketing department of a national brand with multiple locations, you may already know how crucial local SEO is to your search engine marketing efforts. If you have more than one location, local SEO still applies and can be complicated. You need […]
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25 Ways to Perform Link Building without Guest Posting

16 Jan 2019 By Stuart McHenry
  Table of Contents Outdated Content Podcast Discounts Be Helpful Interviews Give Out Testimonials Unlinked Mentions Broken Link Building Roundup Posts Image Link Building Associations Reviews Contest HARO Design Contests Create a Quiz Local Link Building Newsjacking Create Free Tools Niche Web Directories Scholarships Job Posting Board Sponsor Events Infographics Ego Baiting Are you tired […]
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7 Important Tips for Lawyer SEO

8 Jan 2019 By Stuart McHenry
Tips to Grow Your Law Firm Traffic The number of attorneys out there is growing. Standing out against your competition can be hard, especially if you’re located in a densely populated or highly competitive area. You might find that there are several other lawyers in your particular specialty in the same area that you service. […]
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The Complete Visual Content Marketing Checklist

19 Dec 2018 By Al Gomez
Important Visual Elements You’ll Need   Content is king in the digital marketing world. Whether it’s marketing riddled with words or a masterfully designed infographic, content reigns supreme. It does so even more with the latter. Visual content marketing has become so mainstream, it’s more difficult to ignore its value.   It’s no brainer why […]
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Beware of Niche Edit Link Building

17 Dec 2018 By Stuart McHenry
Contextual Backlinks That Are Too Easy Building quality links is hard work and for a good reason.  Backlinks that are easy to obtain generally don’t count as much as harder to obtain links.  Easy links are too easy to replicate. Niche edit link building is nothing new and should be done with extreme caution. SEO’s […]
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How to Determine a Quality Backlink 2019 Edition

10 Dec 2018 By Stuart McHenry
Detailed Look on How to Evaluate SEO Backlinks We get asked often about all sorts of link building questions. By far the most common question we get asked about is what makes quality SEO backlinks? So today we will share with you the metrics and characteristics we look for to determine if it’s worth getting […]
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