About Us

About McKremie

McKremie is a search engine marketing company based in Irvine, California. We also have remote offices in Riverside, California and Los Angeles, California. However, we provide our services for clients in North American, South America and Europe. Since 2006 we have provided professional search engine optimization services and social media marketing to businesses looking to grow their online traffic. With more than twelve years search engine optimization experience we deliver results that will help your bottom line.

Our goal is to focus on your online marketing needs so you don’t have to. We want to take the stress and worry away so you can focus on running your business, not marketing it.

Our Name

McKremie is pronounced [Mick-Crem-ie] this is a frequent question as well as how we came up with our name.  When the company was started we didn’t want to be another ‘insertkeywordhereseo.com’ name.  We wanted a brandable name that would stand out.

The company founder Stuart McHenry has a daughter, Lexy.  When his daughter was very young and just started talking she had a hard time pronouncing her name.  When people asked her name she would tell them her name was ‘Sassy McKremie’.  She earned the nickname ‘McKremie’ and for years would be called this by friends and family.  Fast-forward a few years when Stuart was looking at naming his company he felt it would be brandable and a great tribute to his daughter.

Management Team

Stuart McHenry


Cameron Mackey

Director of Client Services

Anna McHenry

Director of Content Marketing


Shannele Hernandez

Project Manager