SEO Audits

Detailed SEO Audits

Don’t let the word “audit” scare you. SEO audits help you to create a better, more efficient website for your audience to enjoy. If you would like more organic traffic to your website there are a few things you should keep in mind while developing your content. Checking to see if your website meets the criteria below will give you a good idea of what you’re doing right and what you have left to accomplish.

First of all, perform a search on your company. Check to see where your home page ranks. It doesn’t have to be first to be effective but it is important to know how you rank in order to improve. Now check your Google Analytics page as this is often the easiest way to see how many valuable pages are in the search engine’s index.

Does your brand name show up on the search engines and on the first page? If it does, are these the pages you want to have seen first? If your pages are not showing up first or among the top ranked pages, the search engines might be penalizing you for something.

Finally check your Google cache. In your cache you should see your content and the links included on your site. Make sure to check your text only cached page too. With this information you will be better able to access how far your content reaches.

Optimize Your Content

When you view your content, there are a few things you should notice. First, make sure your brand name is included in your title tag; this will make it easier for consumers to find your content when they search for you. Just make sure your tags are unique and limited to 60 characters in order to be seen and pursued.

As you navigate through your website, make sure all your pages are included. Some might be missing page titles or meta descriptions which is why they aren’t showing up on search engines at all. If your content has page titles and meta descriptions, then it might be your content isn’t using keywords enough to be noticed. Keywords must be used creatively and sparingly in order to be the most effective.

These are just some things to keep in mind as you complete your own SEO audit. However, there is a long list of things to go over before your audit is done.

Contact us today to get the complete list of SEO audit materials and let us help you go through your content to reach ultimate efficiency.