Link Building

Real Quality Link Building

You are only as good as your last link. When you choose the right links for your content, search engines will reward you with top ranking and customers will flock to you for your specialized information. In the past two years, search engines have refined the set of rules they have for link building which means that you need to stay head of the game with these strategies to get your pages noticed.

You have already created content that is relevant, easy to read and valuable for your audience; now you need to get your audience’s attention. Search engines make that possible through the keywords you use and the topics you specialize in but they also use the links you include to determine your ranking on their page. The links you choose; however, make all the difference in your search engine ranking.

Your company has something special and unique to offer your audience. Therefore, your content should reassure your audience that you know what you’re talking about and have the facts to support it. A great way to back up your content is with reputable blogs. These blogs must specialize in the same content as your company, must have continuous new posts, relevant content, and support the same things your company promotes. Ultimately, their content will act as an extension of your company’s voice. It is vital that their voice represents your brand well.

In order to reach the SEO rank you would like, you must first work the system. Search engines rank the effectiveness of links based on a few key elements: global popularity, local and topic specific popularity, common key words or the “anchor test,” the trustworthiness of the link, the links your company is associated with or your “link neighborhood,” how new or “fresh” the link is, and finally how often the link is shared on social media. If you have links that meet each of these categories, chances are your content will be the first on the search engine page.

Relevant Links

It used to be that search engines would reward content with top ranking just so long as they had links to support them. In the past two years, however, search engines have changed their policy. Links must be relevant to your content or your page might lose its ranking or be penalized by being taken off of the search engine all together. As you gather your links refer to our suggestions above.

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