What is a Kizzog?
A Kizzog is a semi-custom blog (website) that's specifically about your child. Capture and share the memories of your child as they grow up and don't let those memories fade. We have twelve different designs for you to choose from and you can upload pictures of your child into the design of the website.

What's included for this service? (it's all-inclusive)
Free domain name
Web hosting with 24/7 tech support
12 pre-installed themes (designs)
Easy to use Kizzog photo uploader
Security, allow access to all or restrict access via password
Free set-up & installation

   per year
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Kizzog Designs (all designs are included with each account)

Baby Girl

Baby Boy Kindergarten Swimming

Dog House

Football Soccer Gymnastics


Cheerleading Baseball Basketball

More information about the Kizzog

Kizzogs are cost efficient ways for parents to have a personalized website dedicated to their children. There is no need to pay for custom web design and expensive web hosting, the Kizzog includes pre-made designs and hosting for one low price. The Kizzog uses Wordpress software and each account is uploaded with all design themes accessible in your admin section. You can upload photos of your child via an easy to use photo uploader built into the admin section of your Kizzog. There is no need to learn or pay someone to design a website for your child when you can get it all for a yearly low price.

Have more questions?

Please visit our frequently asked questions section to learn more about our Kizzogs.

Not sure you want pictures of your child online?

Each Kizzog web hosting account comes with the ability to password protect your website. This way you can control via a password who you want to allow access. This feature is great for anyone that wants to limit access to family and friends.

Complete Blogging Glossary

Do you know what a "Blogebrity" is? Or how about what "Moblogging" is? There are numerous blogging terminology out there and we have compiled a list to help you understand each new word you may hear or read. To view our list please go here.

Should kids blog?

Older kids may even want to have their own blog where they can blog about their experiences or just vent. Check out our list of reasons kids should blog here.

Do you offer custom blog design?

Yes, if you are looking for a completely custom Wordpress web design please contact our sales department via our help desk so we can get your information and provide you with a price quote.

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